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Natural Hemroid Treatment without Hemroid Surgery

Hemroids are similar thought not identical to varicose veins. Hemorrhoids happen in the area around the anus. A hemorrhoid is basically an inflamed, enlarged vein that forms part of the blood supply of the anus. The medical term used to describe these veins is the hemorrhoid plexuses.

The veins in this area of your body are quite elastic and stretchable to allow the expanding and contracting bowel movement. This is why a hemorrhoid can only happen in this area of the body - no other veins in the body can expand as much and become so big when pressure in them mounts ups.
There are two types of hemorrhoids - the external and internal. An external hemorrhoid is present below the skin that surrounds the part of anus. An internal hemorrhoid is present in the lower rectum which in grave conditions may at times stick out in the anus.

Irrespective of the type of hemorrhoid a person has, if it is not too big, comes and goes, or does not lead to any discomfort , you can treat it by nothing more complicated than altering your lifestyle to take in some exercise, such as going for a walk every day, eating a lot of fiber and drinking loads of water. Also you should try to avoid activities that may make you to put pressure on your bottom end. Avoid constipation in order to get rid of hemorrhoids.

If the hemorrhoids are causing any kind of trouble to you, for example they are itchy, aching or bleeding hemroids; you should go for hemroids treatment, as soon as possible if you do not want those hurting hemorrhoids to come back in a few months or years.

Hemorrhoid pills go in the blood stream and gastrointestinal tract (intestines etc) and these pills are also relatively safe to ingest, being made for internal use to set right and cure all types of hemorrhoids - nevertheless, if you have any medical condition or are on medication of any sort, it is always ideal to discuss your hemroid treatment with your doctor.

Initial treatment which is highly recommended by physicians is the alteration in lifestyle and eating habits. Foods high in fiber content without any doubt soften the stools making it comfortable and easier to discharge stool. This reduces the pressure on the hemorrhoids. Next step is to make use of tried and tested over-the-counter medicines. Some of the popular over the counter medicines are Vasoconstrictors, Calamine, anesthetics along with analgesics, laxatives, astringents, hydrocortisone, and vitamin B6.A person can also try out a few natural home remedies such as a witch hazel and apple cider vinegar that minimize redness in external type of hemorrhoids.

Last treatment that one should go for if there is no alternative is an operation. This is recommended by a professional on the basis of the seriousness of the disease or the need of the affected person for a quick eradication. It is should be kept in mind that hemorrhoid is not at all life-threatening. Yet it is always better to go for effective hemorrhoid treatment to get rid of the disorder once you already have it.
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